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Seed Starting 101


Greenhouse vs indoor seed starting vs direct sowing 

Soil: regardless of location/medium we use

Pots/trays: what kind we use

Lights/sun: use window with lots of sunlight in mud type room or use lights to supplement, keep lights lows 

Watering schedule: dependent on how warm/drafty location is 

Fans: to regulate humidity and help with strengthening seedlings 

Feeding: light nutrients, root enhancers, calcium Amendments like Kelzyme

Fav Seed sources: floret, burpee, johnnys, bakercreek, seeds of change, Renee’s garden, patriot seeds 

Greenhouses: ease of use, can start seedlings/plants way far in advance,  o fear of frost burn 

Indoor tent: allows for those who have small spaces or don’t have greenhouse built yet 

Mud room: great location instead of bedroom to start seeds, usually great sun and good temp regulation. 


Sowing tips; 

-preset soil

-don’t sow too deep

-barely cover

-bottom water 

-sow 2-3 seeds per hole

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