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Thank you so much for being here and for your desire to help support our farm and homestead! One of the best and easiest ways to show us support is by subscribing to our website so that we can stay connected and we can share whats new around the blog, farm and shop!

Additionally there are many other ways to support us!

First, by visiting our various blog posts & recipes and by following our social pages & consistently interacting with us there! This is a huge way to support us and it doesn't cost a thing! Whether that be leaving us a comment or sharing our posts/recipes - interacting with us and sharing our work not only helps us reach a wider audience but it also allows us to connect with other like-minded individuals who share our same passion of homesteading!

By spreading the word about our farm and business, you are helping us grow and thrive in our pursuit of becoming more financially free while living a more sustainable lifestyle. Your support enables us to reach more people who are interested in learning about homesteading and want to adopt a similar way of life. Together, we can inspire and educate others on the joys and rewards of living a simple, self-sufficient lifestyle. Thank you for being apart of our journey!

Second, by shopping at our online boutique or with one of our reputable affiliate companies! We grow, make and raise a wide range of Farmgrown Goods that are available to shop from via our online website and in person at on of our many year-round pop-up shops and markets. We have our own Farmgrown skin-care line, HOMESTEAD HYGIENE, that consists of goats milk soaps, goats milk lotion, muscle salves, beard balms, lip balms, bath soaks, bath bombs and more! We also have a wide range of kitchen essentials including sourdough starter, vanilla extract, onion salts, honey and more!

We partner will a number of reputable companies and have signed up with their affiliate programs to offer you savings!! When you purchase from our links and using our discount codes, we earn a small bit of commission which greatly helps our mission and supports our business growth but at NO additional cost to you!! Supporting us through our affiliate links, saves you cash and greatly benefits myself and the other businesses you are supporting!!

Your support goes even deeper than you may even know, as it helping us provide our child with the best childhood imaginable. My husband was able to quit his job last year so he can be more present at home and help me care for Kylin, so she can be raised on her farm by her parents and not away from us at a baby sitter or day-care everyday (as I work 100% remotely from home as a Agricultural Banker and need help watching her some busier days). Because of this huge life change, he is also able to help me take care of so much on the farm and simultaneously grow his irrigation business, all with your support!!

Lastly, you can choose to donate directly to our farm through venmo (@theurbanladybugfarm), paypal ( and via the donate box below! Your donations support us in so many ways, from providing food on the table for our family and in the feeders of our 100+ animals, to helping us keep our business going during the off-season, your support of our farm is making a huge impact in the life of myself and my entire family!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! This is all such a privilege and we are forever grateful for the ability to live the life we do and share it all with you!!

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