Published: December 17, 2021

If you've been following our homesteading journey for awhile you have definitely seen a post, story or article mentioning our favorite source of calcium- Kelzyme: CaFe! We use it all over the farm, from the garden to the livestock tanks and nearly everything else in-between!

We have been using CaFe for literally years! We were first introduced to it back when we had our OG homestead in the city and have continued to use and love it at our farm here in the country ever since! We are very excited to write this dedicated article highlighting our favorite complete calcium source for the garden, farm or homestead! And a huge bonus is that we just recently became affiliates and are super stoked to offer you an exclusive discount for our peeps only!

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As you guys know we only recommend products we use and love ourselves! So we are more than confident that you will discover KELZYME as beneficial on your farm as we do on ours! We find it to be the biggest hidden secret in the gardening/homesteading/farming community and we are so excited to share the incredible benefits of this sustainable product with you and the rest of the world!



What is Kelzyme: CaFe?


KELZYME®: CALCIUM FERTILIZER- is a calcium rich mineral composite that is 100% derived from Sea Kelp! CaFe is a complete source of high calcium + other essential minerals that is greatly beneficial for developing plants, animal feed/supplements, water troughs, compost piles/teas, hydro/aquaponics, barns/coops and more! In fact, CaFe the highest form of calcium found, is 100% organic and is OMRI Certified! Not to mention, it is also environmentally sustainable with absolutely NO chemical additives!


CaFe is mostly made up of a highly absorbable calcium and comes in both a micronized (powered) and granular version which allows its range of applications to be nearly limitless! We utilize both versions of CaFe for various different applications around the farm and depending on where we use it, one form may be more beneficial than the other.


In this article, we will touch base on both the micronized and granular versions of CaFe, how we use them and we even touch base on how larger scale farms can greatly benefit from this product too! As always, we just want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to read our article's and we hope you end up reading through till the end! Our goal is that you learn something new from this article and are confident on where to source a quality organic calcium for your

homestead and garden!






The Science Behind KELZYME®

"Since its discovery, KELZYME® has been independently analyzed, tested and discussed in agricultural journals in order to understand its qualities, discover its uses and ensure that it is applied for optimal results.

At the core of KELZYME’s® truly amazing qualities are the principal elements of its composition: KELZYME® is largely made up of highly absorbable calcium. Calcium is an essential part of a healthy diet and crucial for life on a cellular level."
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Where is Kelzyme sourced?