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1 Full Tablespoon or 17-18 grams of Dry Active Organic Heirloom Sourdough Starter! This starter originated from wild yeasts and was created over 100 years ago on the east coast of America, from there it traveled out west to San Fran to new beginnings and has been cared and loved for generations upon generations there after! You are receiving a piece of sourdough history when you purchase starter from us! The starter will come in a dormant state, ready to be fed flour/water and if you follow our detailed instructions on how to feed it, within 48 hours after recieveing you'll be ready to bake your first loaf using your new starter! This is a LIVING thing and like all living things it will grow with love and care and can last you a lifetime, giving you hundreds, even thousands of loaves! It will come with instructions on how to feed and care for your starter, which are located here on under the "Recipes" tab! Your starter will come in a fully COMPOSTABLE cellophane bag and the cost of the starter is including shipping as well! Note that shipping generally takes anywhere from 3-14 days to arrive but be rest assured that the starter is strong and will have no issues traveling in the mail that long and is strong enough to even travel much longer than that. It will be in a dehydrated state and can be reactivated at anytime and it can last well over 6 months in the pantry.  Thank you so very much for your support in our small farm business!! Shipping to all 50 states, USA only as of now!

Dry Active Organic Heirloom Sourdough Starter

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