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After 7 years of hobby beekeeping and hoarding all of our honey for ourselves… we are SO stoked to finally have our own homegrown honey to share with all of you! Keep in mind, quantity is still very limited as we are not commercial keepers but rather boutique keepers and only have 2-4 hives at a time.

We have two options available:

12oz of raw homegrown honey with raw honeycomb

12oz of raw homegrown honey (with no comb)

Both options come in our adorable reusable glass honey bear jar!

If you were to ask another bee, my bees would surely be considered “spoiled”… they are picked up for their maiden voyage home to our property, where they stay for the rest of their life, where they live, roam, forage and procreate without the worry of being ripped from the place they have learned to call home to be hauled away on the back of a truck and placed into an unfamiliar orchard to “work for free” and be subjected to harmful pests, pesticides, robber bees and even theft from really sh*tty humans!

Our bees are NEVER fed pollen patties or sugar water and so our bees create their honey 100% from the plethora of flowers, food, trees, natural grasses, pollinator plants, weeds and more to forage on all across our California foothills property!

We also give them their best chance of life by greatly limiting their entrances all year long with the help of anti-robbing screens (expensive, but well worth it to a hobbybeek) to not only help with robber bees but also to help keep pests and diseases they carry at bay! Our raw unprocessed honey is grown and harvested small-batch by us, right here on our farm in Copperopolis, CA!

THESE BEES ARE NOT TREATED, so you can be rest assured there is no chemicals in our honey (sadly, most raw honey from local commercial keepers contain some sort of trace amount of chemical treatment)!

Our honey is harvested with minimal disturbance to our bees and we always leave more than enough for them to sustain the winter! We do not process nor filter our honey so it will contain natural pollen and propolis from the hive! 🍯🐝

Raw Homegrown Honey

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